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Julie has played music under the name of lispector since 1996. From 1996 to 2000, Julie made numerous home recorded cassette tapes, armed with a cardboard drum kit and a few Yamaha keyboards. In 2000, she moved to New York City and released her first album "Human Problems and How To Solve Them" in 2002 on her own label, Ponytail Records. Julie performed live only three times for a very selective NYC audience. The album was then released in France by the label Antimatiere (now Hertzfeld). The record is composed of pop/lo-fi/folk songs selected from lispector’s DIY audio tapes. The songs are a mix on minimalist rhythms, uneven guitars and old synths. On the record, as on all of her tapes, you can read "lispector is Julie & her recorder". Indeed, the 4-track machine made the band possible. In 2004, lispector reached an important technical phase with the companionship of a sequencer and started recording with 8 tracks. Double the fun.

In 2006, Julie released the "Young Wild & Lonely Split Album" with the company of the elegant Maison Neuve, on Sauvage Records. In 2008, "Guide To Personal Happiness" was released in the UK on Twisted Nerve Records. The album is a selection of 4 and 8 track recordings from lispector’s tapes and it’s pretty much made of words and music, guitar and keyboards, lead vocals and back up. And what are the subjects talked about? Well, planets and beings, tattoos and planes, reality and fiction.


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